September is the new June. Summer is usually thought of as the emblem of wedding season, but come September in Aspen, nearly every venue in every weekend is booked. In the month of September, Aspen is busy hosting more weddings than in any other month of the year.

Of course, June has its merits and is a very popular choice as well, but as any local can tell you, there is no single place in the world with a fall as stunning as Aspen, Colorado. The greatest reason to plan a fall wedding is the beautiful backdrop. The archetypal Aspen saying goes: come for the winter, stay for the summers; but we all know that the moment the mountains are painted over with a glowing gold, Aspen is completely irresistible. The hundreds of photographers that flock from the world over are testament to Aspen’s unmatched charm. (The rich golden yellow matched with the emerald pines and hopefully even snowcapped mountains give an inspiring backdrop that will give you the photos you’ll cherish your entire life.) So, it’s no wonder Aspen brides become smitten with September’s big show as well. Beyond the beautiful backdrop, there are so many other perks to having a fall wedding in Aspen.

Love Is In The (Perfectly Temperate) Air

September has a track record for truly lovely temperatures. When your guests arrive to your ceremony set in a gorgeous meadow, they will be neither baking in the bright Colorado sun, nor fearing the hasty afternoon thunderstorms. It’s usually a lovely high 60’s to low 70’s in the air. (We also love the idea of having a stack of pashminas to offer your dress donning guests.)

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A Town to Yourself (Well kind of)

Come fall you’ll have more of Aspen to yourself. Unlike the bustling summer months which host some of Aspen’s most cosmopolitan events and guests, fall is the time when the main event is the natural landscape. Although there are many people who flock to Aspen for the colors of the season (and all the other brides converging for this spectacular time), the town has a tranquility about it unlike any other part of the year. (This gives you the opportunity to add a group event or activity should you choose since booking and coordinating will be that much easier!)

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Your Pocket Book Might Thank You

Along these same lines, booking your wedding in the fall might just be the more economical option. Because many of the summer events of The Aspen Institute and other international draws go on hiatus, you might find your pocketbook a little happier by the end of your wedding. (This is especially great incentive for guests who might be more able to rationalize an Aspen destination wedding if you snag a great rate for a hotel block!)

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A Fall Palette Is Unlike Most

Fall provides the opportunity for décor and color themes more unique than the rest. The fall atmosphere serves as a perfect compliment to the chic mountain rustic wedding of your dreams. You are getting married in the mountains after all. (With a fall palette as your backdrop, your wedding’s design could truly knock the socks off of your guests who have been to many a summer wedding.)

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With a natural spectacle unlike any other place in the world, and the rare tranquility of a sophisticated mountain town, it is no wonder so many brides and grooms choose to say their “I dos” in an Aspen fall.

So next time you pop into September in Aspen, don’t be surprised if you see town aflutter with wedding parties galore!


aspen, destination wedding, bluebird productionsMountain Memories

Choosing to have a destination wedding not only allows for a great guest experience, but also creates deeper memories for all who attend. These (often!) of multi-day celebrations get you and your guests outside of your regular routine and allow you to really be present to celebrate the festivities.

Every couple has their vision of what their special day should look like. One of the most important aspects of this is the WHERE: that of course for US being Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen is a year-round wedding destination, no matter the budget! Each couple gets to pick their season, providing a beautiful setting with some of the best views Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it’s snowing outside, the crisp autumn air is rustling through those gold aspen leaves, or you’re just enjoying one of those bluebird sun filled skies in the summer – there is nothing that Aspen can’t offer you and your guests on your special day.

Helpful tips for your destination wedding in Aspen:

– Get inspired

– Plan a trip to familiarize yourself with the area and the vendors

– Create an experience for yourself… and for your guests to experience the Aspen Lifestyle

– Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

We have included a few images to get you inspired!

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We stumbled upon this article in the Huffington Post recently and couldn’t help but want to share their wisdom. Included are a few pictures of some of our favorite Bluebird Brides in their wedding dresses. Enjoy!

There are some things you just don’t find out until you try on a wedding dress yourself.

  1. Breakfast actually is the most important meal of the day. 
Starting out “hangry” is like shopping suicide. You probably don’t need to wolf down a burger and fries moments before you step into that slinky gown, but make sure you have something to eat before getting started. Trying on gowns is emotionally and physically draining (some dresses weigh twice as much as a puppy!). You may even sweat a little, so fuel up!
  2. Choose your companions wisely.
Most bridal salons are happy to welcome you and a few guests (not your entire entourage). This is actually a good thing! There’s only room for a couple extra bodies and all that tulle anyway, and you’ll have fewer people weighing in on your decision. Its great to have trusted opinions, but too many and you’ll be paralyzed with fear of making the wrong choice.
  3. Wear a touch more make up than usual.
Buying a fancy dress is not an everyday occurrence — it’s going to be a tricky decision no matter what. Not to mention the unflattering florescent lighting typical of most fitting rooms. Do yourself a favor and wear a touch more makeup than your usual look (we’re talking some blush and black eyeliner) to your appointment. You’ll look more like you will on your wedding day, which will ultimately make it easier to pull the trigger on a gown.
  4. Be prepared to strip down.
Truth: A veritable stranger may catch glimpses of you naked. Most consultants will give you some privacy, but because dresses can be unwieldy or delicate they’ll want to help you in and out of them. Wear undergarments that you don’t mind seeing the light of day (we recommend light-color boy shorts and a strapless bra). If you’re a modest-kind of girl, speak up from the start.
  5. Trust your consultant.
She may be older than your Mom or still single, but she wouldn’t be doing this if she wasn’t totally qualified. Your consultant knows the dresses and sees hundreds of brides with varying body shapes try them on every day. Make sure you share your wants (lace, a-line, sleeves) but be open to her suggestions–you may end up with one of her picks when its all said and done.
  6. A bridal 8 is not a J.Crew 8.
Don’t panic. You do not need to enroll in Bridal Boot Camp — wedding gown sizes are not the same as “street” clothes. If you wear an 8 in your favorite summer dress, there’s a good chance you’ll be wearing a 12 or 14 down the aisle. Focus on how great you feel in the dress, not the number on the tag.
  7. Try on styles that aren’t “you.”
Even if you have your heart set on a mermaid lace gown, or think you can’t wear silk, try on a variety of gowns. You’re only going to do this once and you may surprise yourself by choosing something completely different than the pins on your inspiration board. And try the dress that your mother (or grandmother or mother-in-law-to-be) is just sure is “the one” — she’s been looking forward to this day too. She’ll either see that you were right about the skirt swallowing you whole, or you may shock yourself by actually liking the dress — it’s a win-win.
  8. Some “other” bride might be wearing “your” dress.
Let’s get real: you’re not the only bride planning a June wedding, so its entirely possible someone else will be trying on “your” dream dress. Or, you may see someone wearing an illusion back gown that you hadn’t considered and want to try it on RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE. Play nice — share the mirrors, pedestals and even the gowns.
  9. Don’t just stand there, move around!
Sure, there will be moments when you’re standing still at your wedding (like when you say I do). But you’ll also be sitting and mingling and getting down on the dance floor. If you think the dress is a serious contender, take a walk around the salon, sit down, practice your “SHOUT!” technique. You may feel foolish in the moment, but you’ll be glad you gave the gown a test drive when you’re comfortable all day and night.
  10. You may not cry. 
Maybe emotion will overcome you. Maybe your Mom will get choked up too. But it’s totally okay if no one cries. It doesn’t mean you picked the wrong gown (even if you’re the first to tear at a sappy commercial). Every bride is different so don’t put pressure on yourself to react a certain way. Also, your consultant may not pop a bottle of champagne (some can’t due to liquor laws) like you see on TV. Take your shopping companions out for a celebratory drink instead — you all deserve it!

Bonus: When you’ve found the dress, most salons require you to sign a contract and put down a deposit on the spot. You may have to commit to things like a size and any customizations (adding sleeves, dropping the waist) you and your consultant discussed. Ask about alteration costs, which can add up. And ask if any discounts are available — you’re not going to get half off, but there may be an upcoming trunk show or a special rate for purchasing your bridesmaids dresses at the same salon. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and they’ll throw in a veil — it never hurts to ask!

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