We have had ONE of our favorite Bluebird Wedding Photographers, Laura Murray , put together 10 Tips for you to help you get the best out of your photos! Check them out:

  1. Allow plenty of time for photographs.  I always like to cushion the timeline a little bit so that the bride and groom do not feel rushed.  I like to make sure my couples have plenty of time to live in the moment and not feel like they are rushing from one place to another.  However, sometimes timelines get behind (Always plan more time for hair and makeup than you think you need!  That is a frequent bottleneck in the timeline) so we use up all that cushion time.  Other times, we finish photos a little early, but that just means more time to spend with friends and family enjoying the day.  It is never a problem to have more time than you think you will need.
  1. Magical light makes for magical photographs.  Try to schedule time at sunset for bride and groom portraits when the light is soft and beautiful.  Oftentimes the couples sneak out of the reception for 10-15 minutes while the rest of the guests are eating and we capture a few shots during the magic hour.  And it is also helpful to choose getting ready, ceremony, and reception locations in spaces with big windows that let in lots of light.  My favorite kind of light is natural light.
  1. Hire a good wedding planner.  This was the first advice I gave my sister when she was planning her wedding.  A good wedding planner helps make your wedding day run smoothly so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying!  Wedding planners will help keep the timeline on schedule, will gather family members before the ceremony, will make sure all those details that you poured your heart and soul into get set up correctly, will coordinate with catering to make sure food gets set on the table hot and promptly, and will orchestrate all the different vendors in your days to make sure they are all on the same page.  They often act as councilors and fairy godmothers, too! :)
  1. Print your wedding photographs!  Sometimes couples purchase just the disk of images and they will upload the images to their computer, post some to Facebook, and keep the images in the digital world.  I cannot stress how important it is to print your photographs.  One day your computer will be obsolete, the disk will be scratched, and Facebook might be no more … but the printed image endures.  I have prints from my husband’s great grandparents wedding.  It is absolutely amazing to see those photographs over 100 years later.
  1. Make the time for family photos efficient.  Make sure that all people involved in family photos know to stick around after the ceremony and create a list ahead of time with the exact family groupings you would like captured.  That way your photographer does not miss any crucial shots, or your photographer does not do TOO many grouping that you do no particularly care about (which can take time away from relaxing and enjoying!).  I recommend doing one big photo on each side with extended family, and then smaller groupings with the immediate family members (bride and groom with just parents, bride and groom with just siblings, bride with mom, bride with dad, groom with mom, groom with dad, etc).
  1. Your dress may not stay pristine throughout the day.  I do my best when I photograph to keep wedding dresses away from mud, water, and excessive dirt, but it is inevitable that dresses will get a little dirty, even on the sunniest of days.  Some of my favorite photographs I have taken were in a field surrounded by mountains on the rainiest day of the year.  The bride said she always envisioned taking pictures in that field, and the fact that storms came in her wedding day did not stop her.  I never shoot anywhere that makes my clients uncomfortable, but this bride was adamant that she wanted to go outside for photographs despite the conditions.  She did not care that her dress got a little dirty (and miraculously the dry cleaner got just about every last stain out of her dress). Be carefree on your wedding day.  Try to remember to live in the moment and let the little things, like a bit of dirt on the bottom of your dress, be the least of your concerns.
  1. Make sure that bridesmaids and family are present and fully dressed before you step into your dress.  One of my favorite moments of the day is when your friends and family help you with the getting ready preparations.  I have had a mother of the bride say that she is going to help her daughter into her dress, and then she will get dress.  I encouraged her to get ready first, because that way she all dressed up in photos, instead of being dressed in jeans and a t-shirt in the photos helping her daughter into that gorgeous dress.  Same for the guys.  I encourage the groom’s parents and grandparents, as well as the groomsmen to be present for the groom getting ready.  I have taken very sweet photos of the dad helping the groom with his tie, the mom helping her son with her boutonniere, and the groom giving grandma a big hug during this preparation time.  This time makes for great heartfelt candid shots.
  1. Have your photographer eat while you eat.  Sometimes catering likes to feed us after every guest has been served.  However, that means that by the time we are sitting down to eat, you are up interesting with guests, about to start toasts, cake cutting, etc.  Photographer work long days and while we always bring snacks to tide us over, a meal at dinnertime is always appreciated.  And it is even more helpful for us to eat when the bride and groom eat.  Because that way we are away eating when things are slower at the receptions, and back when you are up laughing, talking, and embracing your guests.
  1. Let’s talk about the bride and groom first look for a minute.  About half my couple opt to do a first look, and half my couples opt to not do a first look.  I do not have a preference either way for photographs — please choose based on your own personal preferences.  Will it make you feel less nervous seeing your groom ahead of time?  Does the idea of doing all the family photos after the ceremony stress you out because you would rather be enjoying a cocktail with your guests?  Then do a first look.  Have you always envisioned your groom seeing you for the first time at the end of the aisle?  Do you have plenty of time – and daylight left – for photos after the ceremony?  Then opt to not do a first look.
  2. Think about doing a dad first look.  Usually mom, bridesmaids, and some other female family members help with getting into the dress.  Once all that is done, I think it is a great idea to send your dad into your room to be the first guy that sees you all done up.  These moments are often so emotional and special.  Usually there is lots of hugging and often tears!

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We all know how scary it can be to speak in front of a  crowd. Ever since Kindergarten when we first presented our Bunny Rabbit Wilfried at Show & Tell, and all the way up to that final presentation in college. It never gets any easier…

We all go through that same process – your palms get sweaty, your heart is racing and your mind is blowing bubbles instead of remembering the words you actually wanted to say.

Well, after having done some research on how to keep you at ease, apart from of course having you sip on that delicious bubbly and taking deep breaths. We have found some tips and tricks from our friends over at Domino!

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At Bluebird Productions we are committed to making sure your “I Do!” moment and everything surrounding it exceeds your expectations. Some might say that Wedding Planning is not an exact science. But with no official rule book, and no fairy godmother Bluebird Productions  always makes sure to deliver the best of the best.

So, while there may not be a wedding planning Bible, we hope that this list put together by Weddingpartyapp of the top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of wedding planning will help you make the best out of your Bluebird day!


Not all budgets are created equal, but they are created for a reason. Yes, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life but no, it is not an excuse to blow all of your savings. Plan a budget with your fiancé and stick to it. Just because we can’t all have a Trump style extravaganza doesn’t mean that we can’t have a magical AND budget-friendly day. Decide what is most important to you, where you can afford to splurge, and where you must compromise.

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Yes, of course it’s okay for friends and family to take pictures. And it should be encouraged–the more photo documentation the better. These photos will ultimately be what you look back on to remember the big day. After the wedding, you will only have your memories and your photos, so you want quality, professional grade photos. Remember, you’re only doing this once. There are no re-dos or do-overs. Trust us when we say hire a professional. They have tons of experience with weddings and know what they’re doing and what needs to be done to get the best shot. And if that’s not enough to convince you, just remember that your friends and family are attending your wedding as guests, not hired labor. And what’s worse, if the photos don’t turn out as well as expected or a big moment isn’t captured, it has the potential to strain your relationships and make them awkward for years to come.

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As the bride it’s your special day. And besides, you’re doing the majority of planning. So let your friends take the reigns this time and do the planning. Of course, your opinions and tastes should be taken into consideration (after all, this is a celebration of you and your wedding day), but stand back and let your friends and family make the decisions. Just be sure to let them know ahead of time if there’s anything you aren’t comfortable with or, on the other hand, if there is a must-have.

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These things are best left to professionals. You will have enough to worry about in the days leading up your big day. The last thing you need to worry about is kitchen catastrophes and floral arrangement mishaps. You can come prepared with ideas and suggestions, but florist, cake decorators and hair dressers all exist for a reason — so that you don’t have to worry about it. This will be the easiest way to ensure as stress-free a day as possible.

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Public speaking is scary for everyone. But this is the one moment that really counts. It will be one of the most important speeches you ever give. Odds are, you will be nervous and excited on your wedding day, meaning it’s easy to be forgetful. So practice, practice, practice. Give a copy of your vows to the wedding officiant so that if you need help, they will be there ready and waiting to give you assistance at a moment’s notice.

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Odds are, you will be on your feet a lot during the big day, from walking down the aisle to greeting guests at the reception to dancing the night away. The last thing you want is for your feet to be sore, achey and uncomfortable. Wear them around the house for a few days to break them in and get a feel for walking in them. Bring a fair of shoes–flats or sandals–to change into later in the day. Another helpful tip–gently buff the bottom of the soles with sandpaper to prevent you from slipping when walking down the aisle.

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You should plan to have your hair and makeup done about a month before the big day to test out styles. Bring your veil and a camera so you can get the full effect and have photographic documentation that you can look back on. Another tip–check your makeup in multiple different lights so there won’t be any surprises on the day of the ceremony.

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Your wedding day will be crazy and wonderful and busy and hectic enough without having to worry about packing. Save yourself some stress by packing a goof 3-4 days before you plan on leaving for your honeymoon. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll be sure to forget something and you won’t want to spend your well-deserved and relaxing honeymoon searching for a toothbrush or underwear.

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Just because you were someone’s bridesmaid in their wedding two years ago doesn’t mean your obligated to ask them to be a bridesmaid in your wedding day. Likewise, don’t feel obligated to choose your fiancé’s sister or cousin you’ve only met twice. Same goes for the groom and his groomsmen. It’s your day. Your bridal party should consist of people who are meaningful to you and will make your day all the more special.

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Your wedding day is once-in-a-lifetime. So enjoy it. Because it’s your day and you deserve it. Don’t let the stress and the planning and all the little details get to you and ruin your day. Take a deep breath, sit back, relax and enjoy your Bluebird Wedding!

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*all images provided in this blog post are from Bluebird Productions Events!